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Mary Owen

McCall, William M. (Served in the 62nd North Carolina Regiment with all six of his brothers. See notes below.)
Birth: 14 JUN 1827 N.C.
Death: 9 MAY 1918 Transylvania Co., N.C.
Gender: Male
Father: McCall, John , Sr.
Mother: Glazner, Elizabeth
Owen, Mary
Birth: 10 OCT 1827 Henderson Co., N.C.
Death: 16 AUG 1915 Jackson Co., N.C.
Gender: Female
Father: Owen, John W.
Mother: Parker, Lavinia

McCall, Mary Elmina
McCall, Jesse Miles
McCall, William Walker
McCall, James Milford
McCall, Walter
Birth: 1854
Gender: Male
McCall, John Ansel
McCall, George Washington Abraham Lincoln
McCall, Harvey Sylvanis
McCall, Tracey Marcus
McCall, Marion
Birth: 1870
Gender: Male


McCall, William M. Served in the 62nd North Carolina Regiment with ALL his brothers, McCall, Jehue Chastain , McCall, John , Jr., McCall, Andrew Jackson , McCall, Tyra , McCall, Hansel , and McCall, Jason Coleman .


Camp Douglas, the North's Andersonville

The records show 443 men of the 62nd N.C. Regiment were prisoners at Camp Douglas. At least 4275 Confederate Soldiers died during their internment at Camp Douglas... Some estimates place the death toll over 6,000.  More Confederate Soldiers died at Camp Douglas than at any Union Prisoner of War Camp.

Camp Douglas P.O.W. Camp
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McCalls that died at Camp Douglas
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